Welcome to BesideTheWheel!

A blog written for driving instructors by a driving instructor.

My name is Matthew White and I’ve been a driving instructor, both in the car and the classroom, since 2011. Looking back to when I first started out, I remember searching for resources and literature about how to teach driver education – especially the in-car portion (which, I don’t have to tell you, often scared the power-steering fluid right out of me). Yet, everywhere I looked I found more “what to teach” than “how to teach.” So, like every other instructor I know, I started learning the hard way. Day after day, student after student. Testing what works and what doesn’t, and doing my best to figure out why this works better than that. Thankfully, I have several good mentors who continue to help me out along the way.

Today, with a few good years under my belt, I’m ready to create that resource I wish I had then. I’m not saying I know more or as much as a thirty-year veteran, but I have been around the block a few thousand times and it is my sincere hope that other instructors will appreciate this endeavor and contribute to it’s long-term success. Let the journey begin!

This blog has one simple goal:

  • To provide professional driving instructors valuable insights and resources that will expand their expertise

That’s it. I’m here to share knowledge with you, my colleagues and community.

If you have questions, suggestions, comments, or anything you’d like to share please contact me anytime here.